HTTP Responses

The API Gateway methods respond with a JSON object including status, request_id (API Gateway Request ID) and message fields. If any messages were successfully enqueued, the SQS MessageIds will be available in a SQSMessageIds list. Successful, or partially successful requests get a 202 response code, and complete failures get a 500 response code.

Completely successful response

  "status" : "success",
  "message" : "enqueued 1 messages",
  "SQSMessageIds": ["0720e7b5-8a81-4258-ba6c-afd69bcf60f6"],
  "request_id": "37af7edd-5bf2-11e6-9dcf-19b7d04d8b74"

Partially successful response

  "status" : "partial",
  "message" : "enqueued 1 messages; 1 failed",
  "SQSMessageIds": ["549eda2f-b449-4e2a-908c-ab9bb4a8022d"],
  "request_id": "b11a1b6b-5bf2-11e6-8fdb-a3f21465c2f6"

Failure response

  "status" : "error",
  "message" : "Exception: Failed enqueueing all messages",
  "request_id": "505e01a7-5bf2-11e6-91eb-adc915445063"